Black History Month Virtual Screening 2022

virtual screening available for free on our website


  • free to the public
  • available for streaming on this page during the screening period

ONLINE Q&A FEBRUARY 4, 2022 – 11:30am (MST)

  • with Helanius Wilkins, director of EntangleMEN: From the Dugout
  • presented by Boulder Older Adult Services
  • available to ages 60+ in the Boulder, Colorado area
  • register online or by phone (303-441-3148) by 4:30pm on February 3
  • course code: 28400

five dark skinned dancers stand in the sand at the beach with eyes closed

Given the times we’re living in, we’re delighted to once again be able to offer online screening options for those who may not want or be able to attend in-person events. These films will become available on this page during the screening window, free of charge for the public around the world, except where noted otherwise (some films are geographically restricted).

As part of our efforts to move toward a more racially just and socially equitable landscape for dance cinema, SSF has celebrated heritage months for the last few years with screenings highlighting artists from communities underrepresented in the field, and from marginalized communities. These screenings have always been free of charge to our local community in Boulder, Colorado, USA, but since the pandemic began, we’ve taken them online to share with the wider dance cinema community. Sans Souci presents our 3rd annual Black History Month Screening, featuring the work of directors and dancers of color, as well as films that examine or celebrate the Black experience.

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This project funded in part by a grant from the Boulder Arts Commission, an agency of the Boulder City Council.
If you’d like to support this screening, you can make a donation here.

program of films

This screening runs approximately 52 minutes. It is intended for viewers age 12 and up; please contact us with questions.

a dancer with dark skin and an earring stands in an empty pool


2020 / Canada / 8 min

Directed by Siam Obregon, Kyana Lyne
Produced by Siam Obregon, Kyana Lyne, Festival Quartier Danses
Choreography by Kyana Lyne
Dancing by Jontae McCrory
Cinematography by Steven Turcotte

Faced by the global pandemic and reawakening of racism, a performer dedicates a moment for personal catharsis through movement.

a frame split in 3, with the same dancer in each frame in angular poses

Color Theory

2021 / United States / 3 min

Directed by Cara Hagan
Choreography and Dancing by Juel D. Lane, Lindsay Fisher Viatori, Daniel B. Coleman, Cara Hagan
Camera by Cara Hagan, Robert Gelber, Ben Viatori, Shoccara Marcus

A celebration of movement, color and texture, Color Theory blends dance, animation, and visual art to create a joyous burst of energy on the screen.

a man with dark skin and dreadlocks in a collared shirt standing on a neighborhood street

The Wonder Years

2020 / United States / 9 min

Directed by James Morrow
Choreography and Dancing by Elijah Motley

Set in the extraordinary years of the 2020s, The Wonder Years looks both back and forward through the eyes of Eli, the oldest of five children in the Motley family, on the tribulations and joys of growing up in the United States as a twenty something black male. With music by Laurence Hobgood, the low-fi anti-tech home movie style of the work is a nod to classic 80’s sitcoms with an open, unapologetic, and ultimately vulnerable journey filled with all the feels and even some much-needed levity.

five dark skinned dancers stand in the sand at the beach with eyes closed

Like Water

2020 / United Kingdom / 9 min

Directed by Mthuthuzeli November
Produced by Richard Bolton
Choreography by Mthuthuzeli November
Dancing by José Alves, Isabela Coracy, Alexander Fadayiro, Marie Astrid Mence, Ebony Thomas
Music composed by Georgina Lloyd-Owen
Cinematography by Nauris Buksevics
Artistic Direction by Cassa Pancho MBE
Written by Asisipho Malunga

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Like Water acknowledges the resilience of our ancestors, passed down from generation to generation. A world unkind to our people, yet somehow we survive. A world that that has conditioned us to not see the beauty of our skin, hair, culture and our people. But like water we flow, like water we change shape. We remain resilient.

a light skinned man and a dark skinned man lean into each other in a field

EntangleMEN: From the Dugout

2021 / United States / 22 min

Directed by Helanius James Wilkins
Produced by Helanius James Wilkins, Watcheye Studios
Choreography by Helanius James Wilkins with Avery Ryder Turner
Dancing by Avery Ryder Turner, Helanius James Wilkins
Music composed by Carlos D. Flores
Filmmaker: Carlos D. Flores

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EntangleMEN: From the Dugout centers on a male duet exploring coexistence through an exhaustive collision course of in-between states. Wheat fields, spillway infrastructures, and baseball dugouts on indigenous territories of Arapaho, Cheyenne and Ute Nations set the scenes for this viscerally charged work. (This work is also a component of the evening-length live performance project The Conversation Series: Stitching the Geopolitical Quilt to Re-Body Belonging.)

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