Sans Souci Community Dance Film

Sans Souci Festival of Dance Cinema has been screening dance films for 18 years, but now we are making a film together with dancers in the Boulder community!

Our Community Dance Film Project was created to engage Boulder artists of many genres and to inspire our local community with all we have to offer. Each dancer was selected through a rigorous process based on artistic excellence and professional résumé (with special consideration for those in typically marginalized communities), paired with a location at one of the City of Boulder’s most iconic outdoor sites — Chautauqua, Dushanbe Tea House, the Flatirons, etc. — and asked to create movement responding to that location along a theme: “The first fresh breath in a long time.” Emerging from their spring 2020 quarantines, they reconnected with their own dance-deprived bodies, and brought their unique presence to each space, activating it with movement.

The resulting short film, This Breath Together, premiered at the Museum of Boulder September 3-5, 2021.

In addition to the film, some of the video footage we crafted is now being used to activate the space at the Gallery @ Bus Stop Apartments with a four-week video installation that assembles all the elements of the sound score — including poetry, music, and environment sounds dismantled and rearranged — with never before seen video footage of every dancer in the project, and a chance for you to dance as part of the installation.

“This Breath Together” Trailer:

cast and collaborators

Eight professional local dance companies are represented: Boulder Ballet, Frequent Flyers Productions, Cindy Brandle Dance Company, Life/Art Dance Ensemble, BEAM, VisKosity Dance Collective, Block 1750, and Spark Theatre. Between the companies and freelance artists, the film encompasses ballet, tap, contemporary, house, waacking, aerial dance, and samba; collaborators include BIPOC and LGBTQ performers, those with disabilities, and dancers on the older end of the age spectrum. An original score features contributions by two local musicians, a Brazilian master drummer, a voice actor, and a poet.

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