Board and Staff

Board of Directors

Photo by Ingi Jensson

Ana Baer Carrillo Vice Chair

Ana Baer Carrillo, MFA, is a Mexican video-choreographer living in the US since 2000, and she has been with SSF since nearly the beginning. Internationally active since 1990, her work has been produced in America, Asia and Europe by dance, film and screendance festivals, as well as by galleries, museums and institutions of higher education. In 2014 she co-founded WECreate Productions with Heike Salzer to further explore themes of identity, the body, and site-specificity through artistic collaboration. The international scope of her presentations, the diversity of the forms in which she works, and her frequent practice of collaboration are evidence of her twenty-first century, transitional, interdisciplinary contributions to the Arts. Currently on faculty at Texas State University, Baer Carrillo works across several discrete fields and genres, maintaining a clear dance-centric conceptual line in her research agenda. As Vice-Chair of the Board of Directors for Sans Souci Festival of Dance Cinema, Baer Carrillo serves on the Curation Panel and Programming and Events Team.

Michelle Bernier Chair

Michelle Bernier, MFA, is a dancer, educator, and filmmaker living in Denver, Colorado (USA). She holds a BA in Philosophy summa cum laude from the University of Southern Maine, and an MFA in Dance Choreography and Performance from the University of Colorado Boulder, with dual focus in somatic studies and digital media. Bernier has lectured on dance cinema at Universidad de Campinas (as a part of Sans Souci Brazil), Texas State University, California Institute of the Arts, University of Colorado Boulder, Association for Theatre in Higher Education, Colorado Dance Educators Organization, National Dance Educators Organization, and Dance Studies Association; her choreographic residencies include Texas State University, Colorado Mesa University, Metropolitan State University of Denver, and Jack’s Solar Garden. Her films have been screened at ADF’s Movies by Movers, Screendance Festival, Bebop Channel, and more. She is currently on faculty at Metropolitan State University of Denver, Pikes Peak Community College, and Colorado Conservatory of Dance. Bernier has served as Executive Director and Artistic Co-Director of SSF since 2015, continuing to cultivate her passion and experience to expand and diversify the organization. As Chair of the Board of Directors for Sans Souci Festival of Dance Cinema, Bernier serves on the Curation Panel and manages the Programming and Events, Funding and Support, and Values/Disruptors Teams.

Photo by Heike Salzer

Heike Salzer Secretary

Heike Salzer, PhD, MA is an award winning German dance artist fluidly operating in performance, choreography and site specific screendance. Under the name of Salts, she collaborates with international artists and her work has been invited to numerous festivals. In 2014, together with Ana Baer Carrillo, Heike founded WECreate Productions, producing collaboratively site-specific screendances, multi-media performances, and installations. Heike co-directed Tees Dance Film Fest (UK) in 2015/16 including tours to Mexico and the United States. She is Senior Lecturer in Dance Professional Practice at the University of Roehampton in London, where she convenes the MFA Dance and Embodied Practice. Heike holds a MA Choreography from the University of Leeds (GB) / Fontys Dance Academy (NL). She is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and was awarded a PhD by Completed Work by the University of Roehampton (UK). As Secretary of the Board of Directors for Sans Souci Festival of Dance Cinema, Heike serves on the Curation Panel and Programming and Events Team.

Michelle Nance

Michelle Nance, MFA, currently serves as a Professor and Director of the Dance Program at Texas State University. Her choreography and screendance performances have been commissioned and produced in dance festivals and educational venues in the U.S., Guatemala, Mexico, Brazil, Barbados, Italy, S. Korea, Spain, Costa Rica, Scotland, Chile, Greece, the Netherlands, France, Iran, Egypt, England, Columbia, and Ireland. Ms. Nance earned her MFA in Performance and Choreography from the University of Colorado-Boulder in 2001. As a dancer, Ms. Nance has had the honor and privilege of performing in the works of many notable American choreographers and dance companies, including: Erick Hawkins, David Dorfman, and many more. She currently co-creates and performs in screendance works and hybrid screen/stage works with WECreate Productions, in addition to The Margarita Clan. As a member of the Board of Directors for Sans Souci Festival of Dance Cinema, Ms. Nance serves on the Curation Panel and Programming and Events Team.

Photo by Nina Padilla

Photo by Richard Pfister

Rosely Conz

Rosely Conz, MA, MFA, is a Brazilian dancer, filmmaker, choreographer, and educator. Her screendances have been presented in Ireland, Barbados, Mexico, Brasil, South Africa, and in many states in the US. Since 2018, Rosely has been a curator for SSF and helped produce the two Brazilian editions of the festival in 2019 and 2020. Presently, Rosely is an Assistant Professor of Dance at Alma College where she continues researching how dance and screendance can address issues of immigration and displacement. As a member of the Board of Directors for Sans Souci Festival of Dance Cinema, Rosely serves on the Curation Panel and Funding/Support Team.

Jun Akiyama

J. Akiyama is a Colorado-based improvisation artist. He also actively studies the Japanese martial art of aikido and practices somatic psychotherapy (dance/movement therapy and body psychotherapy) and social justice counseling in Denver, Colorado. Did you know our logo is based on Jun Akiyama’s photo of Marla Schulz performing in the Sans Souci Community Dance Film?

a silhouette of a woman tap dancing on a bench; part of the Sans Souci logo

Peg Volpe Posnick

Peg Volpe Posnick is a Colorado-based independent dance artist and writer. She received her MFA in Dance from the University of Colorado Boulder in 1996. Peg served as Community Engagement Coordinator for CU Boulder Department of Theatre & Dance from 2002-2018 and was a guest lecturer from 2008-2010. Her current work includes a writing practice, creating solo improvisation scores to perform when opportunities arise, facilitating Fieldwork sessions for the Boulder, Colorado site, and assisting for the Boulder Dance for Parkinson’s Disease program. As an advisory board member for Sans Souci Festival of Dance Cinema, Peg serves on the Events and Programming and Disrupters Teams. She is honored to soon begin serving on the Board of Directors.

Program Staff

Ana Baer Carrillo Artistic Co-Director

Michelle Bernier Executive Director and Artistic Co-Director

Jeanine McCain Screening Partner Liaison

Holly Schlotterback Volunteer Coordinator

Christiana Wheeler Communications Manager

a collage of closeup photos of the members of the SSF advisory board

Advisory Board

  • Bailey Anderson
  • Sean Connolly
  • Keith Haynes
  • Jenna Ladouceur
  • Yerin Lee
  • Jeanine McCain
  • Crystal Polis
  • Mayte Porragas
  • Megan Roney
  • Lana Salfiti
  • Holly Schlotterback
  • Adam Sekuler
  • Cecilia Slongo
  • Peg Volpe Posnick
  • Tom Wingerd
  • Christiana Wheeler
  • Mary Willmeng
  • Mary Wohl-Haan

Curation Team

  • Bailey Anderson
  • Ana Baer
  • Michelle Bernier
  • Rosely Conz
  • Michelle Nance
  • Heike Salzer
  • Adam Sekuler
  • Omari Carter – Jazz category
  • Erinn Liebhard – Jazz category


  • Michelle Ellsworth Founder
  • Brandi Mathis Founding Curator
  • David Leserman (a.k.a. Hamel Bloom) Executive Director Emeritus
on the left, a white-haired dancer in a wheelchair and pajamas leans left while extending his hands, and on the right a standing dancer drapes her hands in front of her face