Sans Souci Brazil: 3rd Edition

Sans Souci has been invited back to Campinas, Sao Paulo to create the 3rd edition of Sans Souci Brazil November 21-27, 2022. In this weeklong series of screenings, performances, and discussions, we’ll screen Brazilian dance films and films by Brazilians around the world. Join us for the in-person events if you’re in the neighborhood! For complete information in Portuguese, please visit our Portuguese website, and for a taste of what you’ll see, check out the trailer below!

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call for Brazilian dance films

Sans Souci Brazil invited submissions of works that integrate the aesthetics of dance and film from Brazilian artists in Brazil and around the world. For submission to this category, films must have been connected to Brazil in some way (shot in Brazil, Brazilian personnel, etc.) and must have been under 15 minutes long. We accepted a maximum of 3 films per person. Please see our FilmFreeway page for complete rules and terms.

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NEW in 2022: As part of our mission to expand the reach of dance cinema and build audiences in new places, we created an outreach program as a part of SSFBR3. The team presented screenings and interactive video workshops for children in K-12 school systems in rural areas.

  • April 5 – town: Araraquara, São Paulo – school: Municipal Dance School “Iracema Nogueira”
  • April 8 – town: Araçatub, São Paulo – school: Municipal Theater Castro Alves and Estação Cidadania
  • April 11 – town: Taubaté, São Paulo – school: Municipal School of Arts Maestro Fêgo Camargo


SESC Campinas
Rua Dom José I, 270/333
Bonfim, Campinas – SP, 13070-741

a silhouette of a woman tap dancing on a bench; part of the Sans Souci logo

Sans Souci Brazil Exhibition 1

November 24, 2022 at 7:30pm local time

A curated selection of top submissions from our 2022 Brazil category that centralize issues of our time. These screendances incorporate the dramaturgy of the body and the camera and represent Brazilian artists and artists from several countries who connect with Brazil in different ways, portraying the potential of Brazilian diversity.

booted feet stand on their toes amid five glasses of water placed on the ground


2021 / Brazil / 8 min

Directed by Mônica Augusto
Produced by Ivan Bernardelli, Mônica Augusto
Dancing by Ivan Bernardelli
Music by Domingos de Salvi

Based on the dances around the muleteer culture in Brazil, the video visits the memories of nomadic muleteers who, after long journeys, in their breaks, used to dance. The film proposes a glimpse of a moment in which the muleteer dances, by the light of the fire, challenging himself. A dance that is pulse and relax. Fun, challenge, enchantment, and reconnection with the body, which is memory and home in transit.

a light skinned woman in a black dress bends to the side in a sparsely decorated room

Incompleteness (Incompletude)

2022 / Brazil / 2 min

Directed by Ana Noemi Higa
Featuring Isis Gasparini

There is a space inside us that we rarely visit. A place where time runs different, which is just feeling, the sound is muffled and words are not able to express those thoughts. They are clippings of ourselves that shape our actions and decisions.

four people, one blindfolded, sit in a small boat placed atop a hill among a series of many other hills

To Get You Out of the Rain (Pra Tirar Você da Chuva)

2022 / Brazil / 13 min

Directed by Mayara Helena Alvim
Produced by Bruno Psi
Featuring Grupo NUN Dança Contemporânea & Sala de Giz Cia. Teatral

watch the trailer

In a little boat, isolated in a sea of mountains, three people are being called through the water by a mysterious force to dance with their memories.

a person in a shiny garment sits in a chair with stage lighting behind them

The Beast Nature of Being (Da Besta Natureza do Ser)

2021 / Brazil / 11 min

Directed by Maurício Oliveira
Produced by Alessandra Herszkowics, Tono Guimarães
Featuring Maurício de Oliveira, Laboratório Siameses

In the labyrinth of everyday life, everything seems to operate to keep us under control. How to dress, how to behave, in which spaces I can or cannot occupy: it is a systemic control over what we could be inside an imaginary city which survives on its illusions of cosmopolitanism. The Beast Nature of Being is a madness for memories, illusions, personas that slide through the autobiographical experience of the dancer/choreographer Maurício de Oliveira.

a hand, in sharp focus, extends from an out-of-focus woman

Assay for the Prelude of the End (Ensaio para o Início do Fim)

2021 / Brazil / 3 min

Directed by Jessyca Ferrari, Aline Cappellari, Raquel Pereira
Produced by Raquel Machado Pereira
Choreography by Núcleo Fim
Dancing by Raquel Pereira

In ruins. Confined and breathless. On the streets a world that cannot stop invited to awaken from its progressive, straight, ascending count. Civilizing, predatory abstraction, continues, insists on its tomorrow without a horizon. The end is needed. For another start. A dance. A window.

a woman lies on the sand with a chair, as though seated in it, behind a series of thin white concentric circles

There is Nothing Here (Não Há Nada Aqui)

2021 / Brazil / 15 min

Directed by Loretta Pelosi Oliveira
Produced by Loretta Pelosi, Meniky Marla
Featuring Loretta Pelosi

There is Nothing Here (Não Há Nada Aqui) addresses the territory of nowhere, the picture of a dive in the dream space, unstable and nomadic. A homage to the emotional archive of memories and feelings lived or created, intensifying a relationship that strengthens itself beyond the physical borders. A desire to belong that connects to the physical environment beyond its concrete limitations, based on the search for human relations, for the next memories that will come. The moment of now that has passed without ever existing.

two men, bodies covered in a wet, red substance kneel in embrace

Breath (Fôlego)

2018 / Brazil / 5 min

Directed by Diogo Angeli
Produced by Cia Eclipse Cultura e Arte

Video of the Concave and Convex Project that honors the life and work of Maestro Carlos Gomes reflecting on the issues of the black body and the classical-popular paradox.

a silhouette of a woman tap dancing on a bench; part of the Sans Souci logo

Sans Souci Brazil Exhibition 2

November 25, 2022 at 7:30pm local time

A curated selection of top submissions from our 2022 Brazil category that explore the body as a canvas for artistic representation and experimentation. These screendances incorporate the dramaturgy of the body and the camera and represent Brazilian artists and artists from several countries who connect with Brazil in different ways, portraying the potential of Brazilian diversity.

a dancer in an orange shirt and white pants leaps acrobatically across a dark room


2020 / Brazil / 8 min

Directed by Cecilia Cherem Castilho
Produced by Bruno Psi
Featuring Nun Grupo de Dança

Greda: feminine noun. Kind of soft and absorbent clay, but it can be reduced to powder. Clay is something used to build, to mold. It is something that transforms itself by allowing itself to be transformed. It’s something that reminds you of the possibilities of things. Permanence and ephemerality in one. And that same clay can turn to mud. Mud. Which is something that sinks, that swallows, that ceases. It makes you stop breathing. What can you do with chalk, with clay, with mud? What can you do to not be reduced to dust?

two arms and two legs protrude from behind a large white curtain - the arms holding a mirror

Thru (Através)

2021 / Brazil / 6 min

Produced by Paulo Vitor Fabri, Catharina Glória
Featuring Catharina Glória e Giullia Kelly

What’s through? The mind overflows – labyrinths, falls and delusions. This film composes a series of screendances created from telephone calls with real people, full of stories and affections during the COVID-19 pandemic in Brazil. The project was realized in the Student-Artist Program of the State University of Campinas/BRA.

two performers in white on chairs - one standing on their feet, one standing on their head

Locomotives (Locomotivas)

2022 / Brazil / 12 min

Produced and Directed by Inaê Silva
Featuring Inaê Silva

Locomotives is a provocation in video art that weaves the timeline, evoking the memories of the bodies that boiled through the curves of the city of Recife. A kind of clock that regulates the hands of time, summoning images and stories. A metaphor that provides the necessary energy for the movement of the train, Locomotives carries infinite amounts of movement in the bodies, advancing in the percussive traces of the frevo history. The syntax of arrivals and departures challenges us to travel by words, steps and movements of bodies, by light and in a musical startle it declares itself in a state of improvisation. The bodies that, on February 7, 1907, knew the mechanics of dreams and desires, stumbling through the streets, full of personalities in conflict and enjoyment. We play with the body, expand consciousness and in a flight, we tear a luminous and subversive trace in the history of frevo.

a woman with a blue streak in her hair looks into the camera while squatting low to the ground

Experiment #1 (Experimento #1)

2019 / Brazil / 2 min

Produced and Directed by Christian Schneider
Featuring Letícia Paranhos

How to experience a place through the memory of our body. Starting from this principle, this contemporary dance work is expressed about the corporal questions, related to the experiences with a physical space. These relationships go beyond material questions and overflow ideas, feelings, dynamics, actions and movements. The narrative is based on the fusion of the concepts of cinematic movement from a cinematographic point of view.

several dark haired people carry an older person above their heads

Desire and Necessity (Desejo e Necessidade)

2021 / Brazil / 11 min

Directed by Milso Roberto
Produced by Cicero Alves
Featuring Direção artistica – Marley Lucena / Balé cidade de Campina Grande

A family of migrants from the interior come to the fair in Campina Grande the search for the father who left in search of work. He left torn between the desire to stay and the need for sustenance. Soon they discover the turmoil that is life in urban society. With its dynamic that grinds individuals and destroys that already torn family.

a woman wearing a loose white shirt extends her arms wide, leaning forward, in a grassy field with overcast skies above

Dance for a Poem (Dança Para um Poema)

2022 / Brazil / 6 min

Directed by Paula Stricker Lima
Produced by Vinicius Matos Gimenez
Featuring Paula Stricker

This work was developed from the research of poems collected in listening points in the city of Londrina, and seeks to trace paths between Dance and Word, linking, in a poetic way, the textual compositions with the movements of a body, present, that dances, creates and feels, giving expression to the voices that are present.

three shelves: the middle is empty while the top has a person's light-skinned legs resting on it and the bottom has a person's torso - their head bent forward so that it is out of sight

Body’s Small [Mis]fits (Pequenos [Des]ajustes do Corpo)

2022 / Brazil / 13 min

Directed by Mariana Sucupira, Maristela Estrela

Two women move among the furniture in an antique shop, creating temporary adhesions to the objects and to each other. They play with gravity acting on their bodies, subtracting the weight of things. Different ways of not fitting in, or attempts to escape the body’s misfits in unlikely paths and climbs, where time is dilated or accelerated. A reality tensioned by the “camera’s gaze” between gestures, furniture and objects replicated.

a woman balances atop a pole with the sun setting over a dense urban area in the background


2019 / Brazil / 3 min

Produced by Fabi Tombely, Sheurily Costa, Duane Kurten
Featuring yes

Dance is a project with the aim of exposing questions and dialogues about the materiality of female bodies. The film talks about the dichotomy of freedom and the imprisonment of human beings. At the same time, “Dance” talks about inhabiting this limited body in the materiality of this existence and living this experience through intersubjective and symbolic exchanges. Dance also proposes to talk about the machismo concepts that point, mainly, to the female body The film was inspired by the story of Rafaela Pontes, a 22-year-old practitioner of the art of pole dance, who, on the paths that cross and intersect the woman’s body, bumps into the walls of prejudice and machismo. Dance is also about looking at bodies. The film speaks not only about Rafa, but about the existence of the female body in Brazil or in our humanity. The choice of narrative told through poetry came from contact with several stories of women in this process of connection and (re)connection with their own existence. From this, a poetic discourse that represents each woman is born. Dance was recorded in the city of Curitiba and Pinhas, Paraná, Brazil, in 2019. It falls under the category of video art, musical film or experimental film.

a silhouette of a woman tap dancing on a bench; part of the Sans Souci logo

Sans Souci Brazil All Ages

November 26, 2022 at 11am

A curated selection of family-friendly submissions from our 2022 Brazil category, featuring dancers of all ages and abilities. Can the visualization of diverse images and dancing bodies promote a connection with other senses, especially with movement? Artist and dancer Rosely Conz will host this screening alongside a live presentation that proposes observing the aspects of these screendances, such as movements, speed, gestures, and music. Audiences are invited to experience and respond to the screendances, encouraging a dynamic and interactive exhibition.

two people in pale orange shirts dance in front of a cement wall with simple graffiti


2021 / Brazil / 5 min

Directed by Amanda Môa, Juliana Barretto, Luiza Leal, Mayra Costa, Reginaldo Oliveira, Renah Berindelli, Renata Baracho, Valéria Nunes
Produced by Renah Berindelli
Performance by Iza Passarinha e Mirê Pi
Cinematography by Laboratório de Videodança da Escola Técnica de Artes da UFAL

Ella is about the other that co-habits in me, in you, the multifaceted self, Leminski’s counter-narcissus and Angélica Freitas’ woman in red. Of the moving in rage, of the noise, of the dissonance of colors and forms.

cropped images of people in brightly colored clothing are interspersed with solid color tiles to create a colorful mosaic


2021 / Brazil / 2 min

Directed by Sâmya de Lima, Matheus Carneiro
Featuring Intérpretes-criadores Matheus Carneiro & Sâmya de Lima

A dance composed of two; with distinct histories and bodies. The research of movement and gestures in body and space now needs to be thought of in other aspects. With another lockdown faced in Fortaleza, the choreography of the three-dimensional space compulsorily needs to be solved in another space, this is the one of the screen, a two-dimensional space. Each one at home records part of the partiture, shares and edits it. With absolute reference to Piet Mondrian and his Neoplastic works and the abstractionism of geometric shapes, now, in Rubik’s the game happens not only between two, but, you the spectator are invited to create composition together. In the frenzy of images that appear and disappear, you create from your gaze a choreographic composition together with the performers.

a woman stares intently at an animal made of fabric and ribbons

Brazilian Impressions (Impressões Brasileiras)

2022 / Brazil / 12 min

Directed by Marilia de Andrade
Produced by Estúdio XXI
Featuring Marilia de Andrade

Inspired by myths from the Amazon, Raul Bopp wrote “Cobra Norato,” a modernist poem that narrates the saga of a hero, journeying through the forest to find and save the daughter of Queen Luzia, his idealized woman, from imprisonment. The mask of the ox – from the traditional drama performance of Bumba Meu Boi, the protagonist of numerous popular dances across Brazil, represents rebirth. In this short interpretation, he assumes the role of hero and saviour. Brazilian Impressions is a fantasy about the encounter of the daughter of Queen Luzia, a character from poetry, with the ox, a character from folklore. It commemorates Brazilian modernist poetry and popular culture through symbols, images, music and bodies in movement.

two young men dance in a small enclosed area behind a building

Kite (Pipa)

2018 / Brazil / 10 min

Directed by Bruno Alarcon
Produced by Luiz Fernando Picanço
Featuring Bruno Alarcon

The act of flying a kite is a frequent practice in Rio de Janeiro communities, as well as in Brazilian peripheries, it is intended to bring this movement in its multiple power in the bodies of actor-dancers living in the Parque das Missões community, located in the municipality of Duque de Caxias – RJ. It was decided to use the flagstone as a place to represent this movement, as well as the reverberations of the kite object in the body.

a long haired man lifts a curly haired woman in the courtyard of a large cathedral building

Stone Jungle

2021 / Brazil / 2 min

Produced and Directed by Allan Souza Lima
Featuring Carol Dias e Tutu Morasi

The art of finding. The art of connecting. In the harshness of São Paulo, the body confronts the city. The body confronts itself. The body finds caress in the skin, in the touch and in the arms of the other.

a woman faces a bathroom mirror and tussles her hair


2021 / Brazil / 4 min

Produced by Fluxo em redes
Featuring Renata Paulino em parceria com Projeto Fluxo em Redes

#sextou! is a dance film produced by Renata Paulino in partnership with the Fluxo em Redes’ project and the musician Carva. It composes a series called “meu corre” that speaks, in a subjective way, about the different moods of each day of week. Close the computer, turn off everything, including the mind from work, and sink into the couch, or go to the bar, or order that delicious food, or meet friends. #sextou! it’s the happy feeling that the long-awaited rest has arrived, and what I couldn’t do this week, okay, it’s for next week.

in sepia tones, a woman in a long dress lights a candelabra in a dining room

La Bonne Madame: Dois Lados da Mesma Moeda (La Bonne Madame: Dois Lados da Mesma Moeda)

2022 / Brazil / 1 min

Directed by Joana Ribeiro, Marito Olsson Forsberg
Featuring Joana Ribeiro

The characters Bonne and Madame came from the sewing wardrobe of my grandmother Lucy, an expert seamstress. If by day she is Bonne, the maid who does all the chores (French: la bonne à tout faire) by night she is Madame! The crossing between these two worlds, like the opposite sides of the same coin, is accompanied by the musical counterpoint between Ernesto Nazareth and Debussy. Bonne Madame pays tribute to all women who dedicate their lives to housework.

a person in a wheelchair travels down the center of a city street

Interlocutions with the City

2021 / Brazil / 6 min

Directed by Fernanda Feminino Amaral
Produced by Movicena Produções

Solitary dancers play and deceive the idea of isolation, each one breaking their borders and expanding it into the imaginary. They continue are creating encounters with the city and the other through the movement and poetry.

a silhouette of a woman tap dancing on a bench; part of the Sans Souci logo

Sans Souci Brazil: 6 Brasis

November 26, 2022 at 4pm

This screening is inspired by the Brazilian biomes – Amazon Rainforest, Caatinga, Cerrado, Atlantic Rainforest, Pampa, and Pantanal – and the 5 regions of Brazil. The films in this selection showcase the exuberant forests, Brazilian rivers, and dry areas, while prompting a reflection on these environments’ degradation, disorganized exploitation, and potential destruction if action is not taken toward more sustainable relationships.

a woman entangles herself in a tree with many branches but no leaves


2022 / Brazil / 8 min

Directed by Gustavo Wanderley
Screenplay by Gustavo Wanderley
Dancing by Ana Cláudia Viana
Cinematography by André Rosa
Costumes by Gracielly Santos
Props by Calunga, Chagas Campelo, Giselia Bosges
Music and Poetry Author Meyriane Costa
Music and Poetry Translation by Meyriane Costa & Romildo Araújo
Edited by André Rosa
Original Soundtrack and Sound Design by Dan Cunha
Audio Mixing and Mastering by Iago Azevedo

Renascente reflete nosso desejo de busca por uma atitude menos antropocêntrica e mais destinada à regeneração e ao sentir-se relacional em estado de abertura e em tessitura constante com o meio, com o outro, com o mundo, com a natureza.

a person with braided hair and a dress lies on their back in shallow water

Raiz D’água

2021 / Brazil / 15 min

Directed by Iasmim Alice Silva, Ana Pi Videira, Hilreli Alves, Maria Anália
Produced by Luciana Oliveira, Igor Castro
Featuring Coreógrafa e bailarina: Iasmim Alice

Raiz D’água is a video performance that sounds like a dive into the blackness of history itself – (auto)biography and body- crossroads experienced on stage.

a woman in a black dress plants her feet in white sand with storm clouds behind her


2011 / Brazil / 1 min

Directed by Ruy Lessa
Produced by Ruy Lessa, Vanessa Hassegawa
Featuring Coletivo Las Caboclas

Inspired by the mythical universe of orality of brazilian Amazon, the Enchanted (Encantada) research began with the legend of the Princess of Algodoal island. It is said that there lives a beautiful Princess enchanted who lives six months in the form of a woman and six months in the form of a giant snake. Seen as one of the protective beings of that island, the Princess is omnipresent either playing tricks on those who do not believe in her existence, or on the moonlit nights when she appears resplendent for the natives (caboclos) who lives there.

a woman dancing on a small platform with a dark background, holding a lantern


2021 / Brazil / 6 min

Directed by Isa Machado
Produced by Maria Clara Laet
Choreography and dancing by Maria Clara Laet

Created by Maria Clara Laet, Luvemba is an artistic rendering of death during the Covid-19 pandemic from the perspective of the Bakongo cosmogram. Bringing together tap dance, elements of the Central African cosmovision and the thinking of philosophers as Tiganá Santana and Bunseki Fu-Kiau, Luvemba is an audiovisual account of the presence of absense that the pandemic imposed on us. The first ideas and experimentations for this project began in April 2020, when the choreographer and tap dancer lost her grandfather to complications arising from Covid-19 in Brazil.

a person in a pink dress does a deep back bend while standing in a shallow lake


2021 / Brazil / 3 min

Directed by Dante Vicenzo Pereira Vale dos Passos
Produced by Dante Vicenzo Pereira Vale dos Passos, Mazurca Produções
Featuring Dançarina: Maju Passos

watch the trailer

Recognizing her history and connecting with nature is what drove her to change… Transform… Be different from what she was… Walking with new steps.

a closeup of a woman's face emerging from bubbling water

Flowing River

2022 / Brazil / 5 min

Directed by Fernanda Mendes, Otília Françoso
Produced by Otília Françoso, Ari Nago
Choreography by OTiliaFrançoso
Featuring Cia Mulheres em Movimento
Dancing by Andrea Lago, Beatriz Tomaz, Denise Liguili, Fabiana Midea, Franciane Silveira, Íris Aparecida, Mariane Wegmann, OTilia Françoso, Roberta Leles

Inspired by the tale La Llorona from the book “Women who run with the Wolves” by Clarissa Pinkola Estés. This movie express –in the river waters– aspects from our unconscious mind that blocks our creative life.

a performer on a sandy surface uses multiple hoops as seen from a high-up perspective


2022 / Brazil / 3 min

Directed by Bárbara Monteiro Francesquine
Featuring bárbara francesquine

Maré explores water as a thread of experiences, memories and senses, bringing together research from the past and the present that merge and complement each other. Hula hoops, body and water build small dialogues and imagetic subtleties that take place from the artist’s different approaches and perspectives.

an aerial dancer sits on fabric suspended from a large tree

In the Air of the Mountains

2021 / Brazil / 9 min

Directed by Cláudia Millás
Featuring Cláudia Millás

In the Air of the Mountains is a video dance from the homonymous multidisciplinary artistic project that proposes the creation from the interaction of the body in the natural space. Developed by the dancer and acrobat Cláudia Millás, it gathers elements from dance, circus, vertical techniques and audiovisual, which dialogue with the environment of the Pau D’álho Mountain Range, located in the rural area of Andradas – MG, Brazil. The project was born from the author’s desire to develop ecological thoughts/actions capable of approaching the public and fostering the need for care and responsibility for the space in which we live. Following the transformations of nature, in its movement of variation and repetition, we seek to open paths to more subtle perceptions and the possibility of integrating with the environment from the feeling of belonging to it.

a closeup of a long-haired person's face with elaborate jewelry covering both their eyes


2021 / Brazil / 6 min

Directed by Barbara Malavoglia, Bianca Turner

She opens ways, opens the doors, go open, open, open the roads, she dances free, she beats the hooves, she winds the mane, she shoots the arrows, go open mare, her heart is blue, all that she fights with, is deep within, she comes so bright, as rays of light, she comes so strong, as faith in love.

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