SSF @ Jack’s Solar Garden: Locals’ Night

An in-person screening celebrating Colorado dance filmmakers!

Locals’ Night

  • October 15, 2021 (rain date October 16)
  • limited seating – tickets available soon

a light skinned man and a dark skinned man lean into each other in a field

For the first time ever, we’re partnering with Jack’s Solar Garden in Longmont, CO – the first full-scale agrivoltaic site in the country. At this very special event at the farm, we invite you to bring a blanket or camping chair to enjoy highlights by local artist from our 18th Annual Festival Selections, as well as films made by our AED Michelle Bernier during her 2021 Artist Residency at Jack’s.

This screening will have limited seating.

Jack’s Solar Garden
8102 N 95th St
Longmont, CO 80504

program of films

a caramel-skinned man stares into the camera with elbows lifting beside him

Coil & Web

2020 / United States / 9 min

Directed by Gretchen LaBorwit
Produced by Evolving Doors Dance
Dancing by Erika Curry-Elrod, Hanna Ghadessi, Gretchen LaBorwit, Samantha Lewis, Kat Kalamaras, Angie Simmons, Alfred Smith, Victoria Stone
Music composed by High Fiction
Movement Invention by Angie Simmons
Music Direction & Editing by Amy Shelley

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Bodies swirl and shift through Coil & Web, navigating natural elements and internal landscapes, contemplating the accelerating disconnect and the unseen entanglement of life forces on our planet. At the core of our being lies a code that defines us, a script that writes our story and interweaves our lives with others, making it evident that, even at our basic genetic level, we are 99.9% alike…more alike than we are different. This internal connection expands from living being to living being, creating an invisible web that is imperceptible to measure, yet omnipresent. Coil & Web journeys to a place where pushing past the noise and tuning in to a deeper connection aligns us on the same frequency, spiraling towards oneness and turning away from division.

a light skinned man and a dark skinned man lean into each other in a field

EntangleMEN: From the Dugout

2021 / United States / 22 min

Directed by Helanius James Wilkins
Produced by Helanius James Wilkins, Watcheye Studios
Choreography by Helanius James Wilkins with Avery Ryder Turner
Dancing by Avery Ryder Turner, Helanius James Wilkins
Music composed by Carlos D. Flores
Filmmaker: Carlos D. Flores

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EntangleMEN: From the Dugout centers on a male duet exploring coexistence through an exhaustive collision course of in-between states. Wheat fields, spillway infrastructures, and baseball dugouts on indigenous territories of Arapaho, Cheyenne and Ute Nations set the scenes for this viscerally charged work. (This work is also a component of the evening-length live performance project The Conversation Series: Stitching the Geopolitical Quilt to Re-Body Belonging.)

an Asian American dancer in a black top stares at the camera

The Wanting

2021 / United States / 4 min

Directed by Claudia Anata Hubiak
Produced by Mark Ragan
Choreography by Claudia Anata Hubiak
Featuring The Anata Project
Dancing by Kelsey Byrne, Julie-Ann Gambino
Music composed by K.W.E.S.T.
Cinematography by Ray Bailey TV

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The Wanting uses themes of abundance to make a playful statement on desire and the human impulse we all share to fill our own emptiness.

a pair of legs in jeans and clogs on a dirty barn floor


2021 / United States / 5 min

Directed by Kristen Jorden
Choreography by Nic Gareiss
Dancing by Kristen Jorden, Herbert Poppe
Music composed by Laurel Premo
Cinematography by Noel Jorden
Edited by Kristen Jorden

A bored young woman helping her dad with chores finds she can’t keep from dancing, despite the risk of getting in trouble. When she finally gets caught, dance once again saves the day.

screen shot of many dancers over a zoom call

Five Lives

2021 / United States / 7 min

Directed by L. Ashwyn Collins
Produced by 3rd Law Dance/Theater
Choreography by Katie Elliot, Laura Hymeres Treglia, Lisa Morgan, Sarah Leversee, Sharon Wehner
Dancing by 3rd Law Dance Theater’s D4PD Program, Ormao Dance Theater’s D4PD Program, Moving Through Parkinson’s, Reconnect with Your Body – A Program of Art as Action, Rhythm and Grace, sponsored by the Parkinson’s Association of the Rockies
Cinematography by L. Ashwyn Collins

A short film featuring Dance for Parkinson’s Programs around Colorado. To stay connected despite the pandemic, the director of each group created movement inspired by a stanza of a poem. The sixth stanza was used to bring everyone together in the virtual landscape. The film is a movement compilation of how we adapted and flourished in these times.

a dancer sitting in a chair touches the head of a dancer sitting at her feet

Under Grace

2021 / United States / 10 min

Directed by Kris Jobson, Celia Grannum Perarnaud
Produced by Celia Grannum Perarnaud
Choreography by Celia Grannum Perarnaud
Dancing by Kelsey Byrne, Hannah Cardoza
Cinematography by Kris Jobson, Davis James

Picking up the pieces of a puzzle which was scattered through the timelines of two entangled lives, Under Grace dances the viewer through different dimensions, inviting them to dive into an intimate portrait of a relationship long lost to memory and the wind.