SSF @ Texas State: Dancing Into Infinity

co-presented by Texas State University Department of Theatre & Dance as part of our Screening Partner Program

virtual screening of short films March 21-26, 2022

  • curated selection of short dance films
  • link available for Texas State students from Department of Theatre and Dance

In-person documentary screening March 25, 2022 – 11am (CST)

  • available for Texas State students
  • at the Recital Hall at the Performing Arts Center
  • pre-screening lecture by SSF Artistic Co-Director Michelle Bernier

documentary Q&A March 29, 2022 – 2pm (CST)

  • with directors Ricardo Yahuaca Vázquez and Jazim Meza Beltrán (appearing via Zoom)
  • available for Texas State students

a group of male and female dancers with eyes closed, holding hands, mid-breath

We’re thrilled to partner once again with one of our longest running screening partners, the Texas State University Department of Theatre and Dance. Specially curated with Texas State students in mind, these two screenings represent the breadth and diversity of the screendance genre – from emerging artists to seasoned professionals.

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Recital Hall at the Performing Arts Center
Texas State University Theatre Center

430 Moon St
San Marcos, TX 78666

a silhouette of a woman tap dancing on a bench; part of the Sans Souci logo

in-person screening

March 25, 2022 at 11am (CST)

A strobe lighting effect is present in this film.

a group of male and female dancers with eyes closed, holding hands, mid-breath

The Infinite Ninth

2021 / Mexico / 61 min

Directed by Ricardo Yahuaca Vázquez, Jazim Meza Beltrán
Produced by Ricardo Yahuaca Vázquez
Choreography by Raúl Tamez
Featuring La Infinita Compañía
Cinematography by Juan Manuel, Yahuaca Vázquez

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At the beginning of 2020, La Infinita Compañia finds itself working on La Novena Sinfonía Danza Contemporánea for the 250th anniversary of Beethoven’s birthday, then the world stopped. Raúl Tamez the director and choreographer of this dance theater play, decides to move on with the project. This documentary shows a historic moment in the life of the dancers and creators that form part of this play based on the legendary masterpiece by Beethoven, during one of the major health crises of modern times. How do you create a dance play in México under these circumstances?

a silhouette of a woman tap dancing on a bench; part of the Sans Souci logo

virtual screening

March 21-26, 2022

The link for the virtual screening can be obtained from the Texas State University Department of Theatre and Dance.

a single male dancer in front of a brick wall, throwing his hand to the side with eyes closed


2018 / USA / 7 min

Directed by Leila Jarman
Choreography and Dancing by Maceo Paisley
Music by Michael Sempert
Cinematography by Ariel Pomerantz
Edited by Leila Jarman

A short, poetic performance art/dance film that investigates gender and masculinity — more specifically the American black male experience — through embodied inquiry to find spaces where identity exists between and in opposition to social constructs. This film guides us through narrative incorporating movement, spoken word, and chant, as it uncovers truths about race, gender, and success in an ever-changing social landscape.

a dancer staring down the camera, though with eyes concealed by the gold coin-like features of a head dress that matches their gold plated feathers

Searching for Wonder

2018 / USA / 6 min

Produced and Directed by Greg Osei
Choreography and Dancing by Abdiel Jacobsen
Featuring Abdiel Jacobsen Dance Collective
Music by Greg Osei
Cinematography by Leonardo Schober
Edited by Leonardo Schober

Searching for Wonder was inspired by conversations with fellow artists who have diverse relationships to the African Diaspora. These discussions highlighted how we all feel lost in different ways, because history, slavery, colonialism & fear have left many of us feeling disconnected, searching for something we can’t fully articulate. Searching for Wonder deals with the tremendous power we have to rediscover & reimagine ourselves through our ancestors, their gods, their cultures & our interconnectedness.

a woman with fair skin and short hair stands alone in a warehouse


2020 / Brazil / 4 min

Produced and Directed by Loretta Pelosi
Choreography by Loretta Pelosi
Dancing by Loretta Pelosi
Music Composed by Desasosiego
Music Performed by Fátima Miranda
Cinematography by Moisés Costa

This piece is a study on being female, the pain and the beauty of being what you are. Nothing is certain. It is about putting yourself through a state of transformation.

a dancer bends backward with arms splayed in a snowy open flat


2021 / Argentina / 9 min

Produced and Directed by Cecilia Slongo
Choreography and Dancing by Cecilia Slongo

Persequi investigates the non-linearity and reproduction of the collective memory and its residuality in the body. Inspired by historic events and their ongoing repercussions.

a dancer with jeans and boots leaps through a flowery meadow

Far-Flung Dances: V (The Meadow)

2020 / Ireland / 5 min

Directed by Mary Wycherley
Produced by Tipperary Dance Platform, Mary Wycherley
Choreography by Mary Wycherley
Dancing by Marion, Sarah Ryan, Éile Simpson
Music Composed by Jürgen Simspon
Cinematography by Raja Nundlall
Color by John Talbot

A poignant and timely reflection through the eyes of a child on our human impact on the natural world. The legacy of our time is the challenge for generations to come. Understanding our human impact on the natural world and environment the film negotiates time, scale and innocence while reflecting on ways of seeing, belonging and connecting to our natural world.

a dark skinned woman in a white dress wades into a still lake at sunset


2018 / USA / 6 min

Directed by Cara Hagan, Robert Uehlin
Choreography and Dancing by Cara Hagan
Music by Mike Wall
Filmmaker Robert Uehlin

A short screendance filmed on location on Battle Lake, MN. Cygnus invites us to revel in the beauty of the sunrise over calm waters as the moon slips behind the horizon. A celebration of the earth, the body, and their kinship.

a cutout photograph of a boy dancing, superimposed on a dumpster in front of a mountain city landscape


2021 / Brazil / 1 min

Directed by Paulo Accioly
Produced by Estranha Força
Choreography by Ernane Ferreira
Dancing by Kauã
OST by Igor Peixoto

Kauã dances in the hill, like a bird of prey.

an Asian woman and a black boy dance with hands in a maze of string


2020 / United Kingdom / 12 min

Directed by Natasha Gilmore
Produced by Jo Walmsley
Choreography by Natasha Gilmore
Featuring Young Cast from Isobel Mair School
Dancing by Aya Kobayashi, Vince Virr, Jo Pirrie, Jade Adamson
Edited by Blair Young
Set Design by Fred Pomerehn
Costume Design by Catherine Barthram

Strings explores the rich possibilities for connection, communication and creative expression through dance. Bringing together Barrowland Ballet’s dance artists and young people with complex needs, Strings celebrates children’s ability to take the lead and express themselves physically.

a single male dancer looking up and throwing his arms up at a blue sky

T.I.A. (THIS is Africa)

2015 / France / 7 min

Produced and Directed by Matthieu Maunier-Rossi
Choreography and Dancing by Aïpeur Foundou
Music Composed by Jon Hopkins
Cinematography by Matthieu Maunier-Rossi

Aïpeur Foundou is a Congolese dancer and choreographer. Amidst some popular areas of Brazzaville, he shows us one possible way to freedom.