SSF @ Dairy Arts Center

a series of two different screenings, with two showings of each

I. Dancing on the Planet

  • September 18, 2022 at 1pm
  • September 20, 2022 at 7pm

II. Dancing as Ourselves

  • October 16, 2022 at 1pm
  • October 18, 2022 at 7pm

Sans Souci Festival of Dance Cinema is one of Boulder’s longstanding favorite arts organizations, and we’re so happy to return to one of our most beloved venues, the Boedecker Cinema at Dairy Arts Center for two separate programs during late summer and early fall — Dancing on the Planet and Dancing as Ourselves.

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Dairy Arts Center
2590 Walnut St
Boulder, CO 80302

Accessibility: handicap parking, theatre on the first floor with ramps to building, wheelchair seating available upon request.

a silhouette of a woman tap dancing on a bench; part of the Sans Souci logo

I. Dancing on the Planet

September 18, 2022 at 1pm
September 20, 2022 at 7pm

This curated dance film screening featuring shorts from the U.K., Belgium, Italy, Netherlands, and China will remind you just how small you are, and how big this world can be. This collection of site-specific dance films repositions the viewer in relationship to the Earth, and connects our bodies to the places we call home, near and far. Through a multitude of contemporary dance forms, this screening illustrates that the range of humanity’s expression is as vast as the range of environments on the planet.

This screening runs approximately 65 minutes.

a dark skinned man sits on the shoulder of another man, who holds the railing of the bridge they stand on

Saint-Louis on the Move

2022 / Belgium / 30 min

Directed by Kita Bauchet
Produced by Victor Claude, Alioune Diagne
Featuring Alioune Diagne Cie Diagn’art

The result of a collaboration between the Senegalese contemporary dance company Diagn’art and the Belgian and Swiss artists Kita Bauchet and Stéphanie Pfister, Saint-Louis on the Move presents a subjective sketch of the city and the rhythm of its daily life. An exploration of Saint-Louis through several choreographies performed by 2 dancers and 2 cameras on Siegfried Canto’s music that highlight the cities energy and the fierce creativity of its youth.

a light skinned woman with dark hair leans back gently, hand to forehead, with a sheer rock cliffside in the background


2021 / United Kingdom / 4 min

Produced and Directed by Katie Beard, Naomi Turner
Choreography by Liv Lockwood

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Scapelands explores our primal connections with nature and the effect of urban living on the human mind. Due to the current global pandemic, the psychological impact of our physical environments is being felt more significantly than ever before. Scapelands depicts this feeling of being boxed in and the inherent need to reconnect with something beyond our man-made walls. Scapelands was commissioned by BBC Arts and Arts Council England as part of the New Creatives Scheme.

a man does a headstand on a small cluster of rocks near the ocean shore, head obscured

Amser / Time

2022 / United Kingdom / 6 min

Directed by Deborah Light
Produced by Laura Drane
Choreography by Light Ladd Emberton

Moving through time along Bae Ceredigion/Cardigan Bay, we arrive at today’s climate crisis. Sarn Gynfelyn is revealed every low tide and looks like a road into the sea. In fact, it is a glacial moraine laid down 20,000 years ago when ice sheets melted, and it marks the beginning of the global conditions that have enabled human expansion. At Borth, a 6,000 year old forest flourished for a few thousand years. Submerged by the sea, it has since been re-exposed in recent storms. Sarn Gynfelyn and Borth’s forest are both cited as supporting the Cantre’r Gwaelod legend of lost fertile lands in Cardigan Bay, but the geology tells a different story. Moving forwards, we arrive at Fairbourne, a seaside town built on saltmarsh and English industrial wealth. It is now set to become the first UK town to be decommissioned due to sea level rise. It will be demolished and returned to salt marsh and will have existed for less than 200 years. In the intertidal zone, between land and sea, three people move, with arresting visual imagery through these three remarkable sites.

a woman bends her back over the edge of a small wooden boat, allowing her hands to touch the water beneath the boat

Fresh Oranges into the Ocean

2022 / Italy / 12 min

Concept, Choreography, and Direction by Silvia Giordano
Video Direction by Nuanda Sheridan
Featuring Eduarda Santos, Noemi Calzavara, Reiko Ohta
Cinematography by Sofia Quercetti
Color Grading by Sofia Quercetti
Music by Giorgos Gargalas
Text by Silvia Giordano
Edited by Silvia Giordano, Nuanda Sheridan
Production by La Cap | Creative Re-Hub

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While merging and intertwining with nature, three young girls create a metaphorical and visionary narrative of their present condition and their projections towards the future. Through their lightness, disorientation, vitality and strength, they embark on an choreographic journey facing high and low tides, turbulence and contradictions, calm and turmoil. Guided by absurd questions the oranges reflect the path of the protagonists in their delicate passage to adulthood and guide us in a poetic reflection on our lives.

a woman carries another woman across grassy sand dunes

Mirror of Souls

2021 / Netherlands / 1 min

Produced and Directed by Sanne Clifford
Choreography by Sanne Clifford & Anastasia Kostner
Featuring Sanne Clifford & Co

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This one minute dance film shows an intimate meeting between the self and another as a mirror and a friend. By reflecting what we recognize of ourselves in the other, we learn when to lean on or trust each other and when to stand on your own feet.

a young woman sits on the floor, legs crossed, torso and neck contorted slightly

Shattered Ripples

2022 / China / 6 min

Produced by Qing-wen Yan, Siye Tao
Choreography by Siye Tao
Featuring Siye Tao

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This short film tries to recap the personal experience of a dancer, whose old house and the associated memories are shadowed by the fast-going urbanization. On a bright sunny day in the near future, when skyscrapers erect from the ruins, will we forget all the textured past?

a ballet dancer leaps acrobatically at a subway stop while other passengers go about their business

Moving Barcelona

2021 / United Kingdom / 6 min

Directed by Jevan Chowdhury
Choreography by Alex Ekman, Catherine Allard, Jevan Chowdhury
Featuring IT Dansa

Moving Barcelona is a magical realist dance story about the Catalonian capital, an autonomous region in the Spanish State contending with an identity crisis. A city with everything going for it is still haunted by the ghosts of its past and despite much progress, it finds itself unearthing old wounds. Narrated by celebrated actor, Pep Munné, who appeals for calm, there is a sense of reassurance that all is okay. The movement of the city however tells a different story, and he is resigned to the fact that things inevitably, are the way they are. Barcelonians, in pursuit of happiness, find themselves on a treadmill  to nowhere in a tale of modern day life. Moving Barcelona is the eighth film in an award-winning collection of works by the London-based film-maker, Jevan Chowdhury to capture the world as a stage. Life on the street in London, Paris, Brussels, Dallas, Prague, Yerevan and Athens have all been recorded in this growing canon.

a silhouette of a woman tap dancing on a bench; part of the Sans Souci logo

II. Dancing as Ourselves

October 16, 2022 at 1pm
October 18, 2022 at 7pm

This curated dance film screening featuring shorts from the U.K., the U.S., France, Greece, Australia, Nigeria, and China will remind you how similar we all are as humans across the globe, yet how different we can be. This collection explores the various aspects of personhood as reflected by the body and movement. Through a multitude of contemporary dance forms, this screening illustrates that the range of humanity’s expression is as vast as the range of bodies we inhabit.

This screening runs approximately 70 minutes.

two dancers with square cardboard masks over their heads extend their arms out in a graceful, birdlike manner

La Fuga dei Cervelli

2022 / France / 5 min

Directed by Mathieu Mondoulet, Thibaut Eiferman
Produced by Compagnie Entity
Choreography by Thibaut Eiferman
Dancing by Thibaut Eiferman, Chiara Corbetta
Cinematography by Mathieu Mondoulet
Edited by Florian Ronget
Set Design by Margaux Berger
Visual Effects by Alfredo Bonomo
Original Score by Variéras

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We all walk according to who we are socially. The body is a receptacle for everything we have experienced. Our identities are boxes filled with ideas imposed upon us according to the norms of the world we live in. Since childhood, we are trained in a way that dictates who we will be and perhaps takes away the awareness of choosing or the freedom to choose ourselves. Do we have the capacity to reinvent ourselves? What tools can we put in place to return to a state of awareness of who we are without external influence? Who would we be if we could see into our learned habits? “Brain drain” is an expression that designates a gradual exhaustion or flight of youth by emigration to a more favorable place according to its qualities. This expression, often used in a political or economic context (it would be, for example, often used to speak about the Italian youth who leave their country for fear of not finding a job in a situation favorable to the desires of their generation), in this video finds another meaning. Here, this flight will be deployed by those who wish to find a meaning to their life, towards nature and towards their nature. “Favorable” becomes the opposite of what it was. Instead of a flight to pursue over-individualization, the “favorable” place is one of collective effort to return to the essence of things.

a woman with close shaved hair gives an expressionless look with eyes closed and head tilted


2022 / United States / 5 min

Directed by Lane Michael Stanley
Produced by Lowell Blank, Sarah Jack, Lane Michael Stanley
Choreography by Sarah Jack
Dancing by Erica EG Gionfriddo, Thomas Sommo

An experimental dance film about grief, substance abuse, and recovery.

two men's silhouettes face each other with a setting sun shining brightly behind them

Make Me Feel Free

2022 / Australia / 5 min

Produced and Directed by Claire Marshall
Choreography by Claire Marshall
Dancing by Richard Causer and Anthony Trojman
Music by Tycho Brahe
Edited by Claire Marshall

Make Me Feel Free is a music video by Australian synth pop band Tycho Brahe. Tycho Brahe are an independent duo formed in Brisbane by Ken Evans and Georgina Emery in 1993. Make Me Feel Free is a dance film that explores a story of a relationship in constant flux, where deception and emotional manipulation unfolds. Featuring contemporary dancers Richard Causer and Anthony Trojman as two men in the relationship, the full dance film “Love Song” is presented in a parallel, split-screen structure, highlighting two aspects of a relationship occurring concurrently. However, the three videos for Tycho Brahe are not in a split screen structure and focus on different perspectives of the story and relationship.

seven dancers in loose, flowy clothing, perform in a warehouse

Social Waves

2021 / Greece / 3 min

Directed by Evangelia Kimpizi
Choreography by Vaggi Kimpizi

Social Waves presents the bond between people and the degree of influence exerted by one on the other. Social Waves, demonstrates how the modern way of life, the storm of information and the creation of imaginary needs, affect human psychology. Through the movement an attempt is made to search for human thoughts, endless impasses but also the strong bond of influence between people.

a woman puts a finger to her lips in a


2021 / United Kingdom / 33 min

Directed by Cassa Pancho, Mark Donne
Produced by Richard Bolton, Kelly Quintyne, Daisy Garside
Featuring Ballet Black
Choreography and Dancing by Joy Alpuerto Ritter, Monique Jonas, Gregory Maqoma, Sophie LaPlane, Hope Boykin, Peter Leung, Mlindi Kulashe, Joseph Sissens

In the wake of the most recent Black Lives Matter movement, I wondered how Ballet Black should react to the apparent shift in global thinking about race, inclusion and equity. My overriding feeling was one of exhaustion; micro aggressions, persecution, death – it seemed never ending. I wanted to see the passionate, joyful aspects of our diverse existence brought to the fore, not just the tragic. Blackness it is not a singular experience: we do not all share the same background, beliefs, trauma or skin colour. I felt compelled to respond by showcasing the multifaceted aspects of joyous human emotion, and also the artistic power of Ballet Black, an organisation that has been championing positive change for Black and Asian dancers for twenty years.

a dancer sits cross-legged holding a wooden frame in her lap

Before We Turned to Stone

2022 / United States / 4 min

Produced by Mark Ragan
Choreography by Claudia Anata Hubiak
Dancing by Carly Hambridge and Makaila Wallace

Before We Turned To Stone portrays the manifestation of mind chatter and how enticing it can be to stay busy, avoid the stillness and believe our thoughts.

a man looks into the camera intensely while he holds an intricate clay sculpture of a face

A Lucky Generation

2020 / Nigeria / 4 min

Directed by Oluwaseun Godwin Usman
Featuring Busayo Olowu

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A Lucky Generation is a dance expression that highlights the effects of change, modernization and identity crisis within the Nigerian society, with Lagos as a visual reference point. It starts with a brief narrative extracted from A Lucky Generation in the book, “There was a Country” by Chinua Achebe. Afterwards, we see our Subject interact with various environments within Lagos state, Nigeria. Our Subject’s face is barely visible from the beginning. The mask and skeletal costume are all symbols representing mystery, conflict (internal and external) and eventually, rediscovery and renewal. The film ends with the Subject revealing his face, suggesting that he has found himself, but yet isn’t satisfied with the results. It now poses a question as to whether he embarks on another journey to understand this Self or he allows the society dictate for him.

a dancer in a beige dress bend forward with her arm falling

Moving Parts

2022 / United States / 1 min

Directed by Autumn Eckman
Produced by Ryan Fitzgerald
Dancing by Autumn Eckman
Edited by Brian Wallenberg

Moving Parts is a meditation on returning to movement comprised of the physical embodiment of curiosity after a period of dormancy.

a man, on the left, leans forward into the palm of a woman, on the right

And Somewhere In Between

2022 / United Kingdom / 4 min

Directed by Alice Underwood
Choreography by Shaun Dillon and Aimee Dulake
Featuring Dillon Dance

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And Somewhere In Between is a duet. A connection. A hello. A goodbye. A relationship. A family. A moment in between many moments. An unknown.

a woman dressed in loose black clothing dances in a old room with two windows and peeling paint

正念 – Now

2021 / China / 4 min

Directed by Robin Mahieux
Produced by Jacob Jonas, Vany Sun, Somewhere Magazine
Choreography by Gypsy Snider
Featuring Jacob Jonas

A woman, who deeply sleeps inside the limbs of her past, amongst the rubble of a previous life. She awakens to the fullness of the present moment, stepping into now, forsaking the past, and mindfully moving into the future. 正念 – Now is a contemplation dancing piece that celebrates the spirit of living in the present, with mundane lives and destroyed places in Shanghai that many barely notice as the backdrops.

That’s all, folks! We hope you enjoyed the screening. If you have a moment, please take our audience survey to tell us which films were your favorites.