• January 19, 2023
  • 7:30pm screening followed by Q&A
  • available to members of the University of Northern Colorado community

one dancer holds a hand, leaning away from the group

Sans Souci is teaming up with the University of Northern Colorado School of Theatre Arts and Dance for our first ever collaboration! The films selected – listed below – represent the work of filmmakers from around the world, within many dance forms and film styles. This screening is available to members of the UNC community. This beginner-friendly program is a great first step into the world of dance cinema!

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Campus Commons Performance Hall
1051 22nd St
Greeley, CO 80639

program of films

This screening runs approximately 60 minutes.

a young woman in an overcoat with a giant, brightly lit balloon

Elon + Emmanuelle

2012 / United States / 7 min

Directed by Natalie Galazka
Produced by Natalie Galazka & Melissa C. O’Brien
Choreography and Dancing by Elon Höglund & Emmanuelle Lê Phan
Music by Garth Stevenson
Cinematography by Melissa C. O’Brien
Edited by Ross Baldisserotto

Charmed dancers observe their own duet in a magical street art fantasy.

a lean dancer in black dress pants, a formal white shirt, and an elaborate mask strikes a pose in front of a huge waterfall


2018 / United States / 6 min

Directed by Ilana Goldman, Gabriel Williams
Choreography and Dancing by Ilana Goldman
Music Composed by Patrick McKinney
Music Performed by Patrick McKinney, Greg Sauer
Cinematography by Gabriel Williams
Edited by Ilana Goldman

This short dance film features a mysterious and ambiguous masked figure embodying both animalistic and human characteristics as it travels across the country in search of home and self. InterState is an investigation of identity, migration, and displacement, set against the backdrop of America’s most dramatic and dynamic landscapes. From Seattle and St. Louis to Mt. Rushmore and variously magnificent national parks, InterState explores the connection (or lack thereof) between living organisms and habitat, at every turn questioning the idea of a “natural environment.” What do we carry with us when we move—literally? Each new location, each new scene provides an opportunity for the soloist to unearth a symbiotic way of moving in relation to the environment while simultaneously maintaining a sense of self, physically holding onto idiosyncrasies regardless of place, space, or time. By the film’s end, the audience is caught up in the soloist’s journey, bound to the rhythmic sense of timing created as the singular body carved space—and identity—in each terrain it inhabited.

T.I.A. (THIS is Africa)

2015 / France / 7 min

Produced and Directed by Matthieu Maunier-Rossi
Choreography and Dancing by Aïpeur Foundou
Music Composed by Jon Hopkins
Cinematography by Matthieu Maunier-Rossi

Aïpeur Foundou is a Congolese dancer and choreographer. Amidst some popular areas of Brazzaville, he shows us one possible way to freedom.

a dancer flying through the air about to be caught by two on the ground


2013 / Romania / 12 min

Directed by Simona Deaconescu
Produced by Anamaria Antoci
Choreography by Simona Deaconescu
Dancing by Dragos Istvan Rosu, Razvan Stoian, Irina Stefan, Alexandra Balasoiu, Simona Deaconescu
Music Composed by Tibor Cari
Cinematography by Oleg Mutu RSC
Edited by Codrin Iftodi

The camera bursts into the heart of the dance while the music copes with the cruelty and fever of everyday’s warfare.

a female dancer stands underwater at the bottom of a deep swimming pool


2018 / France / 7 min

Directed by Julie Gautier
Produced by Spark Seeker, Les Films Engloutis
Choreography by Ophélie Longuet
Dancing by Julie Gautier
Music Composed by Ezio Bosso
Cinematography by Jacques Ballard
Edited by Jérôme Lozano

The rain falls like so many tears on a young woman dressed in a little black dress. We dive into her eyes as we dive into her soul drowned by sorrow. At the bottom of the water, the woman, lying on the floor, gently up and begins to dance.

Globe Trot

2013 / United States + 22 other countries / 4 min

Produced and Directed by Mitchell Rose
Choreography by Bebe Miller
Dancing by people found on the street
Music Composed by William Goodrum
Cinematography by 50 filmmakers
Edited by Mitchell Rose

An international crowd-sourced dance-film project: 50 filmmakers on all 7 continents each shoot 2 seconds of a dance by choreographer Bebe Miller.

two dancers on a pole reach high and wide, set against a mountain backdrop

Axis Mundi

2020 / France / 2 min

Directed by Patrick Foch
Choreography and Dancing by Céline Garbay, Loriana Lorenzon
Cinematography by Benjamin Ziegler

The “axis mundi” is a connection between heaven and earth, between the divine and the material. With this gravity-defying choreography, imagined and performed at the top of a mountain and on the verticality of a pole dance bar, I wanted to deliver my own vision of this “axis mundi.” Two bodies merge and evolve precisely between earth and sky, in a quest for physical and spiritual elevation along this invisible thread.

one dancer holds a hand, leaning away from the group

Los Perros del Barrio Colosal

2021 / United States / 12 min

Directed by Omar Román De Jesús
Choreography by Omar Román De Jesús
Dancing by Rafael Cañals, Carlos Falú Sanchez, Rachel Seacrest, Ian Spring, Christian Warner, Spencer Weidie
Cinematography by Drew L. Brown
Costumes by Omar Román De Jesús

Through the exaggerated mannerisms of daytime television, the six characters of Los Perros del Barrio Colosal take us on a wild romp through the challenges of creative decision making. Diving dramatically into the adventure of an imagination yet to be physicalized, they ask us to consider the far side of the moments when our ideas threaten, with disjointed urgency, to swallow us whole.