SSF @ Ursinus

part of the Ursinus Fringe Festival


  • September 16, 2022
  • 8pm and 9:15pm screenings in the Berman Art Museum
  • free of charge for members of the Ursinus College community

one dancer in the foreground and two in the background with buckets on their heads

Sans Souci is teaming up with Ursinus College for our eighth annual collaboration! The films selected – listed below – represent the work of seven filmmakers from around the world, with dance genres ranging from contemporary and hip hop to tap and pole dancing. This screening is free of charge for members of the Ursinus College community. This beginner-friendly program is a great first step into the world of dance cinema!

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Berman Museum of Art
601 E. Main St
Collegeville, PA 19426

program of films

This screening runs approximately 60 minutes.

a brown-skinned, Black male dancer leans to the left looking upward

This Breath Together

2021 / United States / 12 min

Directed by Michelle Bernier
Produced by Michelle Bernier, Thomas Wingerd
Dancing by Danielle Garrison, Keith Haynes, Sarah Harrison, Bridget Heddens, Vivian Kim Gina Medina, Emma Michaux, Alex Milewski, Peg Posnick, Jessica Riggs, Gwen Ritchie, Marla Shultz, Luciana da Silva, Alfred Smith, Briana Smith, Nancy Smith, Miah Yager
Music Composed by Kristen Demaree, Sean Connolly, Dudu Fuentes
Edited by Michelle Bernier
Director of Photography by Jesse Rarick
Poetry by Brooke McNamara

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Sans Souci’s Community Dance Film Project was created to engage Boulder artists of many genres and to inspire our local community with all we have to offer. Each dancer was paired with one of the city of Boulder’s most iconic outdoor sites and asked to create movement responding to that location along a theme: “The first fresh breath in a long time.” Emerging from their spring 2020 quarantines, dancers reconnected with their own dance-deprived bodies, and brought their unique presence to each space, activating it with movement. The film encompasses ballet, tap, contemporary, house, waacking, aerial dance, samba, and poetry; collaborators include BIPOC and LGBTQ performers, those with disabilities, and dancers on the older end of the age spectrum.

four dancers in a field in black and white fling limbs wildly


2021 / France / 9 min

Directed by John Degois
Choreography by John Degois
Cinematography by John Degois

Birds is a short digital choreographic piece imagined/thought/directed by John Degois. With this piece, he tries to transpose live performance into film. He thus chooses to make a sequence shot in order to keep the notion of “live,” and slow motion to allow the spectator to have time to watch where he wants. He also breaks the perspective by not necessarily centering the main action in the middle of the image. Against a background of melancholy, Birds evokes a time when the question of freedom did not arise.

two dancers shoulder to shoulder lock eyes and smile at each other

WECreate Spaces: Morelia

2020 / Mexico / 4 min

Directed by Ana Baer, Heike Salzer
Produced by WECreate Productions
Choreography by Rocio Luna, Heike Salzer
Featuring Rocio Luna, Heike Salzer
Music composed by Christian Alexander Cruz Lineros
Cinematography by Ana Baer

In WECreate Spaces: Morelia the artists explore the urban landscapes of Morelia, Mexico, a city that exemplifies the dichotomy found in colonial places featuring the eclectic richness of their architecture and the dilapidated parts of the town. Tuning into the environment through improvisation, the dancers, camera-person and musician create a collaborative knowledge that illuminates their multi-layered sensibility of understanding the world through the body. Generating affective spaces, highlighting the artist’s relations to environment, artist to artist and artist to locals. The serendipitous encounters with the passers-by add a flavour that transforms the usual into extraordinary, portraying the tonality, mood and atmosphere of this joyful and vibrant place.

a light skinned man rubs his face in a furry coat


2021 / United States / 13 min

Produced and Directed by Erinn Liebhard
Choreography by Erinn Liebhard
Dancing by Nieya Amezquita, Doug Hooker, Amy Jones, Sara Karimi, Erinn Liebhard, Kelli Miles, Kathleen Pender, John Surber
Cinematography by Cully Gallagher
Musical Arrangement by Mike Lauer
Drone and Additional Camera by TJ Tronson

RadioBody is a collaboration with composer Mike Lauer exploring the jazz sensibilities and human toil and triumph embedded in the work of pioneering alt-electronic band Radiohead.

one dancer in the foreground and two in the background with buckets on their heads


2020 / Ireland / 6 min

Directed by Laura Murphy
Choreography by Laura Murphy
Dancing by Marion Cronin, Sarah Ryan, Kevin Coquelard
Music Composed by Melanie
Cinematography by Luca Truffarelli

Tide contrasts the pace of industry with human movement, and the soft yielding nature of the body with the hard edges of manmade objects.

one dancer holds a hand, leaning away from the group

Los Perros del Barrio Colosal

2021 / United States / 12 min

Directed by Omar Román De Jesús
Choreography by Omar Román De Jesús
Dancing by Rafael Cañals, Carlos Falú Sanchez, Rachel Seacrest, Ian Spring, Christian Warner, Spencer Weidie
Cinematography by Drew L. Brown
Costumes by Omar Román De Jesús

Through the exaggerated mannerisms of daytime television, the six characters of Los Perros del Barrio Colosal take us on a wild romp through the challenges of creative decision making. Diving dramatically into the adventure of an imagination yet to be physicalized, they ask us to consider the far side of the moments when our ideas threaten, with disjointed urgency, to swallow us whole.

two dancers on a pole reach high and wide, set against a mountain backdrop

Axis Mundi

2020 / France / 2 min

Directed by Patrick Foch
Choreography and Dancing by Céline Garbay, Loriana Lorenzon
Cinematography by Benjamin Ziegler

The “axis mundi” is a connection between heaven and earth, between the divine and the material. With this gravity-defying choreography, imagined and performed at the top of a mountain and on the verticality of a pole dance bar, I wanted to deliver my own vision of this “axis mundi.” Two bodies merge and evolve precisely between earth and sky, in a quest for physical and spiritual elevation along this invisible thread.