Virtual Screenings

three virtual screenings available for free on our website

I. Hispanic Heritage Month

  • September 15-25, 2022

II. Shifting the Perspective

  • October 20-31, 2022

III. Nurturing Our Roots

  • November 5-15, 2022

a ballet dancer leaps acrobatically at a subway stop while other passengers go about their business

Given the times we’re living in, we’re delighted to once again be able to offer online screening options for those who may not want or be able to attend in-person events. These films will become available on this page during the screening window, free of charge for the public around the world.

a silhouette of a woman tap dancing on a bench; part of the Sans Souci logo

I. Hispanic Heritage Month Screening

September 15-25, 2022

a ballet dancer leaps acrobatically at a subway stop while other passengers go about their business

Moving Barcelona

2021 / United Kingdom / 6 min

Directed by Jevan Chowdhury
Choreography by Alex Ekman, Catherine Allard, Jevan Chowdhury
Featuring IT Dansa

Moving Barcelona is a magical realist dance story about the Catalonian capital, an autonomous region in the Spanish State contending with an identity crisis. A city with everything going for it is still haunted by the ghosts of its past and despite much progress, it finds itself unearthing old wounds. Narrated by celebrated actor, Pep Munné, who appeals for calm, there is a sense of reassurance that all is okay. The movement of the city however tells a different story, and he is resigned to the fact that things inevitably, are the way they are. Barcelonians, in pursuit of happiness, find themselves on a treadmill  to nowhere in a tale of modern day life. Moving Barcelona is the eighth film in an award-winning collection of works by the London-based film-maker, Jevan Chowdhury to capture the world as a stage. Life on the street in London, Paris, Brussels, Dallas, Prague, Yerevan and Athens have all been recorded in this growing canon.

a man wields a tree branch over his head while standing in a field of boulders


2021 / Mexico / 8 min

Produced and Directed by Ana Baer, Rocio Luna
Featuring N/A

Mother moon, liquid Nahuatl, salty skin…Among the steam your presence vanishes and clings to the roots. You embody the navel of the world, where life sprouts and ends…In an environment of surreal nature, an archetypal figure is revealed though a lyrical, visual painting in motion. Crafted by the superposition of opposites: water-land, dryness-blooming, grounded-volatile, IXCHEL invites the audience on a mysterious journey loaded with visual creativity and a sensual cinematic construction.

a woman surrounded by hands manipulating her hair and makeup


2022 / Argentina / 3 min

Produced and Directed by Luli Brindisi, Alesso
Featuring Luli Brindisi

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A woman rebelling against her seemingly perfect life. An urgent need to escape. A transformation led by her alter egos: those women who co-exist inside of her and who guide her along a path of liberation.

a group of dances clusters together tightly with arms outstretched

A Body Is

2021 / Spain / 4 min

Produced and Directed by Jaime Dezcallar
Choreography by Marco Flores
Featuring Cia Marco Flores

Antonio José Martínez Palacios was going to be the biggest Spanish musician of the 20th Century. Unfortunately, he was incarcerated and executed without a trial at the age of 33, at the beginning of the Spanish Civil War.

a woman in a black dress whose head is cut out of the top of the frame

What If?

2022 / Mexico / 1 min

Directed by Ana Karen Retes
Produced by León Muñoz
Choreography by Ana Karen Retes

It is a piece that arises from the bodily sensations that can generate anxiety in the human being. Anxiety to live, a failed love, a loss or everyday stress. The title of the work evokes finding multiple solutions to this condition that has manifested itself at least once in all of us.

two dancers on tap boards and three percussionists perform in a grassy field in bright dayligh

Ghostly Labor: A Dance Film

2022 / United States / 13 min

Directed by John Jota Leaños, Vanessa Sanchez
Produced by Harry Gregory
Featuring Vanessa Sanchez & La Mezcla

Ghostly Labor: A Dance Film explores the history of labor in the US–Mexico borderlands through Tap Dance, Mexican Zapateado, Son Jarocho, Afro Caribbean movement, and live music. This work brings together polyrhythmic movement and an original score to look at the (ongoing) years of systemic exploitation of labor while highlighting the power and joy of collective resistance. Based on farmworker interviews in California, this excerpt honors the sacred hands that feed us and was filmed on a farm with support from Ayudando Latinos a Soñar (ALAS), a non-profit advocacy organization for farmworkers in Half Moon Bay, CA. A full-length dance theater production of Ghostly Labor will premiere in 2023.

a silhouette of a woman tap dancing on a bench; part of the Sans Souci logo

II. Shifting the Perspective

October 20-31, 2022

three Irish dancers perform in front of a low metal fence with a body of water behind them

Steps of Freedom – The Story of Irish Dance

2022 / Ireland / 84 min

Directed by Ruan Magan
Produced by Ruan Magan, Patricia Carroll, Maeve Kenny, Kathriona Devereux
Choreography by Padraic Moyles, Edwina Guckian

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Steps of Freedom reveals how Irish dance was shaped over centuries through interactions with many cultures as it evolved from a simple folk dance to become a global phenomenon loved by millions around the world.

a silhouette of a woman tap dancing on a bench; part of the Sans Souci logo

III. Nurturing Our Roots

November 5-15, 2022

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A Body in Tokyo

2021 / Japan / 36 min

Directed by Eiko Otake
Produced by NPO Dance Archive Network
Featuring Eiko Otake

Eiko Otake, based in the United States since 1976, is a highly regarded artist who has performed in many countries as part of the performance duo Eiko & Koma. Her solo project “A Body in Places” has attracted much attention since it began in 2014, and she now performs it for the first time in Japan. 10 years since the Great East Japan Earthquake, Eiko places herself in different spaces around the Ueno area in Tokyo (Ueno Station, Tokyo Bunka Kaikan, Nakacho Shopping Street, etc.) and in the underground spaces of the former Hakubutsukan Dobutsuen Station and Shibuya River culvert, layering projected images of Fukushima onto the surrounding buildings and herself. These images are part of “A Body in Fukushima,” Eiko’s collaboration with photographer William Johnston.

a woman with bright red hair dances atop a table attended by several dancers - some in wheelchairs

Roots Above Ground

2021 / United States / 51 min

Directed by Marc Brew
Choreography by Marc Brew in collaboration with the Dancers
Featuring AXIS Dance Company
Dancing by DeMarco Sleeper, Erik Debono, Louisa Mann, Sonsherée Giles, Yuko Moden Yuma
Music composed by Miles Lassi, the Sweeplings
Cinematography by Rapt Productions
Set & Costume Design by Emma Kingsbury
Visual Projection Design by Jaco Strydom

This physically integrated performance is a personal work that explores the multiple meanings of home. Using his own journey as an immigrant, disabled gay man and dancer as a base from which to work, former Artistic Director Marc Brew intends to peel back the layers to get at this universal human need to belong.