SSF Presents: Dance is Like a Fine Wine

our creative aging program, featuring films with dancers across the age spectrum

Dance is like a fine wine

  • a series of in-person screenings offered to older adult residential and nonresidential recreational centers in Boulder County
  • free to the general public ages 60 and better

an older man with light skin looks through his hands, shaped like glasses

A series of in-person screenings offered to older adult resident centers in Boulder County.

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sample films

a light skinned woman walks between miniature houses

Memory House

2021 / Australia / 8 min

Directed by Annika Glac
Produced by Elise Wilkinson, Jessica Lesosky
Choreography by Lyndel Quick
Featuring Blink Dance Theatre
Dancing by Sarah Hall, Elise Wilkinson
Music composed by Josh Mitchell
Cinematography by Marcus Struzina
Concept/Movement Director by Lyndel Quick

Memory House is a short dance theatre film exploring the physicality of memory, the body as home and the Jungian archetype of the house as a metaphor for self. The body becomes a site for both sanctuary and confinement in repeating patterns of human behaviour. A spiraling journey through time and memory as one woman looks back on her past to re-create her future.

an older woman with white hair looks at the camera, while other dancers around her blur out of focus

The Room Inside

2021 / Australia / 11 min

Directed by Eric Dittloff
Produced by Jessica Lesosky, Elise Wilkinson, Lyndel Quick
Choreography by Lyndel Quick
Featuring Blink Dance Theatre
Cinematography by Eric Dittloff
Music composed by Josh Mitchell

The Room Inside is a short documentary film recording the process and reflections of the cast and crew of Memory House. Originally a much longer live dance theatre production, the COVID-19 pandemic required the project and participants to change, in order to continue their work, and to overcome new challenges. The artwork is also remarkable for translating theories of mind and memory into movement, and the way this paralleled the lived experiences of the people making it.

seven dancers are encircled by fabric sculptures on a parking garage roof

This Holding: Traces of Contact

2020 / United States / 28 min

Produced and Directed by Jana Harper
Choreography by Rebecca Steinberg
Music composed by Moksha Sommer and HuDost
Cinematography by Sam Boyette

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A performance art film featuring professional dancers, soft sculpture and an original score. Filmed and produced in the early months of the pandemic, This Holding addresses the burdens, anxieties, and hopes of these unprecedented times.

dancers of various ages and abilities, including one in a wheelchair, stretch arms out beside a pond

Root, Grow, Release, Repeat

2021 / United States / 9 min

Directed by Megan Brandel, April Frame
Featuring Open Arms Dance Project
Cinematography by April Frame

Open Arms Dance Project is deeply committed to the inclusion of all people in the making and viewing of our dance performances. It is with that focus that poetic descriptions were added to this dance film, creating a rich, dynamic, and accessible experience for all viewers, including people who are blind. Root, Grow, Release, Repeat features the solo choreography of 12 Open Arms Dance Project dancers. It was created during online rehearsals in the Fall of 2020 and filmed at the Idaho Botanical Garden in Boise, Idaho. Many dancers made full artistic choices in creating their own solos, while the natural, non-choreographed movement of other dancers was celebrated. The descriptive and poetic script creates a rich, dynamic, and accessible experience for all viewers, including people who are blind.

a dancer with a shawl and hat in the foreground with a violinist in the background

The Violinist

2020 / Canada / 8 min

Directed by Michael Lavers
Produced by Josh Clapp
Choreography by Jeff Dimitriou
Featuring Marisa Ricci
Music composed by David M. Saunders
Cinematography by Dmitry Lopatin
Costume Design by Olivia Youngblud
Production Design by Alyssa Gismondi

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When a homeless violinist desperate to get to her destination is confronted by a train inspector, she fantasizes that she’s part of an old Hollywood musical alongside the passengers that ignore her.

an older man with light skin looks through his hands, shaped like glasses

How to Sink a Paper Boat

2019 / Ireland / 13 min

Directed by David Bolger
Produced by Sarah Latty, Bridget Webster
Choreography by David Bolger
Featuring Ivonne Kalter, Daniel Reardon
Music composed by Michael Fleming
Cinematography by Russell Gleeson
Edited by Róisín O’Donnell
Written by David Bolger
Production by CoisCéim Dance Theatre

A tale of lost letters & paper boats. From acclaimed Irish dance company CoisCéim Dance Theatre, the film delves into the mysteries of the sea – as events of Dublin Bay’s past collide with the present, bringing history to life in a bold, physical short film. Hundreds of lives and letters were lost at sea when mailboat RMS Leinster was torpedoed in Dublin Bay. In How to Sink a Paper Boat this devastating past collides with the present when two people meet. Out for a walk along the sea wall, Cora comes across a letter in the water that beckons her to a lighthouse and its keeper, Michael. Her arrival propels the historical event into our time in an emotional embodiment of a tragedy at sea.

a line of people stand on a rocky cliff, surrounded by hills


2020 / United Kingdom / 8 min

Produced and Directed by Katie Beard, Naomi Turner
Choreography by Liv Lockwood
Featuring Sarah Farrow-Jones
Music composed by Ben Glass
Cinematography by Sam Finney
Edited by Katie Beard
Executive Production by Brian Gowenlock, John Huckstep

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Wake is a short dance film which explores and responds to modern attitudes around loss and grief, taking inspiration from different rituals and funeral traditions from around the world. Filmed on the stark and shifting terrain of Dartmoor, Wake steers us through one woman’s journey of grief.

two women sit at a table; one uses her fingers to mimic a dancer's legs

I Modh Rúin

2017 / Ireland / 11 min

Directed by Ríonach Ní Néill
Produced by Ciotóg
Choreography by Ríonach Ní Néill
Dancing by Sibéal Davitt, Ciara Nic Einrí, Máire Nic Fhinn, Emma Fitzgerald, Máire Uí Fhlatharta, Úna Ní Fhlatharta, Proinsias Uí Ógartaigh, Emma Verling
Cinematography by Luca Trufarelli

What would compel you to go against the status quo and bring up your family as Irish speakers in English-speaking Ireland of the 1950s to 1980s? In I Modh Rúin (in secret), Ríonach Ní Néill blends film, dance, interviews and music to tell the story of five women who did just that.

an older woman holds her hands to her face, eyes closed


2020 / United Kingdom / 9 min

Directed by Andrea Pelaez
Produced by Ed Hughes
Choreography by Andrea Pelaez
Featuring Flor Pachon
Cinematography by Alejandro Sandoval
Written by Andrea Pelaez

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Memory (“Memoria”) inspired by the ethnic and cultural diversity of Latin America, explores the themes of mental health, isolation and the imagination of a senior feminine artist, “Florecita,” who keeps growing in her mind whilst the body that she has lived in so vibrantly in the past is painfully shutting down. A strange encounter pulls her out of the isolation of her house and she goes on a journey through the city of Bogota, meeting diverse performers of different ages, genders and backgrounds, all remembrances of her life’s story. At each stage these memories appear to her through different global styles of dance, moving from love, nostalgia, joy to pain when she finally finds herself in the bustling centre of the city alone and confused. Her memory fading away…